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The MASTER STRINGER course will teach you everything you need to know to become a world class stringer.

The course starts by showing you the right fundamental techniques before leading you through all of the more advanced techniques.

Upon completion you will be fully equipped with all of the skills necessary to start and grow your own successful stringing business.

Even if you've been stringing for a little while, this course will make sure that all your fundamental techniques are at a super high level.

There is no other course like this one!

What You Will Learn From The Master Stringer Course

Learn To String Like a Pro!

  • All the correct foundational technique as used at all Tour Events around the world!

  • How to string in one piece and around the world (ATW).

  • Learn to string accurately and consistently in under 15 minutes!

  • How to start a stringing business and use social media properly.

  • And much more!

Some Quotes From Our Learners:

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“I've always wanted to learn to string, and during the lockdown I decided to do just that. The course was really excellent and taught me much more than I could even have hoped for!”

New To Stringing!

Carlos Gerona

“I started the course stringing at a very basic level, the Master Stringer course taught me how to advance my stringing and develop my techniques. I went from stringing a racket in 40 minutes to 20!”

Beginner To Advanced

Matt Scuredi

“The Master Stringer Course was exactly what I was looking for. The info was really detailed plus I liked the fact that I could go over and watch lessons again if I missed anything! ”

Just What I Was Looking For

Dennis Craney

Nikki Roenn

Get to know your instructor:

In 2015 I founded Unstrung Customs together with my two partners in order to create a "different" type of stringing and customising company. From there we developed the business and continue to grow to the brand that you know today. Along the way we've been fortunate to string and customise for many top pros. My colleague takes care of Andy Murray's racket when he's home training and I'm fortunate enough to string Novak Djokovic's frames when he's at his training base.

Nikki Roenn

Course Master

Pricing Options

You can choose to pay in one or split the cost in 9 monthly payments.

Course curriculum

  1. 02
  2. 03
    • Unit Introduction

    • Weaving For Perfection

    • Troubleshooting

    • Knot Variations

    • Stringing in One Piece

    • Stringing a Hybrid

  3. 04
  4. 05
  5. 06
    • Unit Introduction

    • Professionalism

    • Inventory

    • Social Media

    • Expanding Operations

  6. 07
    • Thanks & The Future

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“I was a little unsure at first with the price, however with the money back guarantee I decided to go for it and I can happily say it was worth every penny!”

Worth it!

Ed Camuri

“I decided to go for the full course to not miss out on anything, I can honestly say I learnt so many little tips and tricks to advance my knowledge, I 100% recommend to anyone looking to be a great stringer!”

Expanding My Business

Simon Brighton

“I've been wanting to push on with my stringing business and the course has helped me with that. It taught me how to string more efficiently and accurately and also how to really develop as a business. ”

Better Than Any Workshop

Marko Beity

Questions On The Course

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  • Who's The Course For?

    This course is aimed for those that want to become the best stringers they can!

  • What Do You Need?

    You just need your stringing machine and the enthusiasm to string!

  • Will The Course Expire?

    No, none of our courses expire. So you can watch all the videos as many time as you like for as long as you like.

Pricing Options

You can choose to pay in one or split the cost in 9 monthly payments.

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