Is this the correct course for you?

The NEXT LEVEL CUSTOMISING course is for those of you who already have an understanding of customising. However you want to deepen that knowledge and take your customising to the next level. 

We go into detail on understanding all the terminology, how to correctly analyse players techniques to better help them. Then we have a whole section dedicated on how to set up and run a great customising business and how you can use Social Media to it's full advantage! 

We are sure you're going to gain a lot from taking this course!

Pricing Options

You can choose to pay in one or split the cost in 9 monthly payments.

What Can You Hope To Learn From The Next Level Customising Course

Take your customising to the NEXT LEVEL!

  • Swing Weight, Twist Weight & Recoil Weight

  • Understanding the effects of customising and how to adapt the specs to best suit players

  • Customise Grips; sizes, shapes and flares.

  • Racket Extension and Custom Butt Caps

  • All the little tricks and nuances we use to make our rackets identical.

  • Starting a Customising business & Correctly Using Social Media!

Questions On The Course

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  • Who's The Course For?

    This course is aimed for customisers who already have a grasp on the fundamentals of customising.

  • What Do You Need?

    To take full advantage of the course you will need some equipment. It's not completely necessary to have a full shop however the more equipment you have the more hands on you can get with the course

  • Will The Course Expire?

    No, none of our courses expire. So you can watch all the videos as many time as you like for as long as you like.


Check what you need for the course!

  • Electric scales

  • Balance Board

  • Swing Weight Machine

  • Customising Materials, lead tape, blue tac, tapes, note book

  • Other Equipment; Heat Gun, Staple Gun, Digital Callipers, Mouse Sander