Who's It For?

The FOUNDATIONS course is for those of you who are new to stringing or have only been stringing for a short period of time. I will teach all the fundamentals so that you start with great technique, giving you the perfect platform to develop your stringing career.

Course curriculum

Learn all the fundamentals to being a great stringer.

  1. 01
    • Course Introduction

    • Terminology

    • Understanding Stringing

    • Machine Overview

    • Tools Of The Job

    • Run Through

  2. 02
    • The Intro

    • The Checklist

    • Cutting The Strings Out

    • Mounting

    • The Mains

    • Your 1st Knot

    • The Crosses

    • Stencilling

    • Unit Overview

  3. 03
    • Unit Intro

    • Weaving For Perfection

    • Troubleshooting

    • Knot Variations

    • Stringing In One Piece

    • Hybrids

    • Cleaning Your Machine

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This is the most comprehensive beginners course to stringing